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Birmingham based A Sure Investigation is a UK private detective agency, providing professional services at affordable prices. We tailor our private investigation service to ensure that our clients receive the detective and surveillance service they require.

We offer a wide range of
people tracing and tracking services that enable us to get the results you are looking for. For all our cases, we ensure a professional, reliable and discreet service.

Trace missing loved ones, reunite with lost friends, or find people who owe you money. For all of these situations, our surveillance private investigators will be efficient and helpful, using our accurate and state-of-the-art technologies, such as our
vehicle tracking system or our spy equipment.

If you fear that your partner is cheating on you, don’t be afraid to ask for our
matrimonial investigation service. We provide a discreet service, performing surveillance tracking on your partner, on a vehicle or at home, and giving you reports regularly, backed up by photo or video evidence.

We also carry out the

process of serving

for all your legal matters. We can handle delicate situations and deliver court papers at your convenience.

You''re in control of the private investigation you ask for.

For all the cases we are entrusted with, we guarantee 100% confidentiality in our service. You have no obligation, as all of our trace work is charged on a no find no fee basis. There are no cancellation charges and, if desired, there will be no contact via post or phone.




Here is a variety of PI services we provide:

 Sale/hire of electronic equipment – PC Data Recovery

If you need to track someone’s whereabouts, surveillance is an effective and confidential way to follow his or her slightest movements. For all your private investigations, you can rely on the skills and the discretion of our surveillance investigators. If needed, we can also use spy equipment, such as hidden cameras or bugging devices.

On the contrary, if you feel like you are being spied on, we also provide
anti surveillance equipment for your security, so that you know if there are hidden cameras or spy bugs around you.

Browse through our range of
spy phones and

listening devices

, and find out more about our spy bugs. 





Vehicle - tracking systems – People tracing -Matrimonial




A Sure Investigation provides many people tracing and surveillance services.

We have numerous
people tracing methods, so that we can find someone you have lost track of or get information you require on the people you want to trace. If you have any suspicions of your partner’s unfaithfulness, we carry out matrimonial investigation as well, including infidelity test, GPS tracking or

spy bugging







Process Serving –Interviews – Court reports - Forensic Testing - Photographic/video evidence 



For all your legal cases, we are totally qualified to handle your court papers and provide various kinds of legal services, such as process serving, courts reports or forensic testing. We can also perform people tracing when delivering orders to people who have changed their address. We are able and entitled to bring out legal evidence for your lawsuits, find out more about our phone surveillance devices and spy bugging.


Surveillance – Phone number tracing – House checks -Security 




Hire electronic surveillance equipment on a daily basis or buy spy equipment for your personal use. Follow your partner’s movements on a vehicle with our small GPS vehicle trackers or spy him or her from a hidden camera. Monitor all of your computer’s activity with our PC spy devices and softwares.

spy software to bugging device, visit our products sections to find out more about how you can spy on people and get to know the truth about them.

If you do not see a service that you require then please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can be of assistance OR continue to browse our site to find out more in-depth information on a particular service.

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